Friday, September 17, 2010

My Lonely Planet

Since its my first blog site I can't think of anything to write but I'm trying to put something on my first post. Hmmm...

I thought of something unusual. Something that reflects my character and something that someone else like me could only understand. It is my lonely world of thoughts, my lonely self, my childhood and my lonely planet. I am a loner, being alone makes me wonder a lot of things. It made me discover myself, my talents and my weaknesses. When I was a child i had no friends. I'm afraid to mingle with other kids and thinking I'm different, I'm unique. I have something they don't have. My own world, where no one is welcome and allowed to enter. Back then, I always try to make friends with other kids but I just ended up being rejected. They would just tease me like there's something wrong with me and I don't know it why do I care? I'm just eight without insecurities, I'm just a kid not minding what others would say with the way I am, how I speak, and how I live my life with inocence. Then I grew up like this a young man alone, in my lonely planet.


  1. tear!!

    your first post was great! like it!!

    keep on helps a lot to find solace after some trials..


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