Friday, September 17, 2010

My loving dog Curly tops

It's Christmas and everyone is
happy especially when you spend it
with your family and a family not
only includes your parents and
siblings but "pets" are also part of it.
We all know that dogs are noted for
their loyal or playful characteristics
kept for companionship and
enjoyment so I'd like to tell you
about my pet. His name is Curly Tops. He has
cute, curly white hairs and a very
playful dog but on this day December 25,
2009 five in the morning Curly tops
passed away. He spent his life with
my family for almost 9 years and
unhappily this date is the day to
remember not only the birth of
Christ but also his death. Now gone
but Curly Tops in our heart will
remain forever.

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