Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Nokia Phones

Nowadays everyone is into new trends, fashion and most of all high technology gadgets especially mobile phones. I remember the day when I had my first cellular phone it was 2002, I was in second year high school when my sister gave me her Nokia 5110 that's the time when people started to become conscious about the value of communication in our everyday lives and at the same time the brand Nokia became recognizable all over the world because its clever products has user-friendly interface and easy to use keypad plus the sense of fashion with their Xpress-on color covers which made the Nokia 5110 a total hit to all Filipinos and in the world.


   My next Nokia phone was 3310, another artistic design from Nokia equipped with new features like picture massage, wallpapers, monotone composer and the famous “space impact” and “snake 2” games.

Years after, I had my first Nokia phone with full colored screen interface the Nokia 3350 and months after followed by Nokia 6610, these phones has polyphonic type ringtone that sounded like true-tone and what's good     about these two? They have games like 
                                                 the once in Nintendo Game boy and a longer battery standby time. 

Mobile phones with integrated camera were introduced in 2003 the same year when I got a Nokia 3650, this one has VGA camera with Video recorder and MMS or multi-media messaging system plus file sharing application called Bluetooth technology which is a very useful application up to now. Nokia 3650 became so popular around the world and  also one of the best sellers during its reign.

Finally, I realized that I wanted a phone with high resolution camera for good picture taking so I decided to trade my Nokia 3650 to Nokia 7610, the most fashionable mobile phone ever made by Nokia with 1 megapixel camera into a slim body.


Nokia never fails to bring innovation to their products what's why 2005 is the year when they launched the Nokia N series a collection of Nokia mobile phones with the best enhanced features, high quality cameras, improved sound quality, Internet system and futuristic physic.


2007 when I had two from this collection the Nokia N70 and N73, these two produces the best imaging system for better photo quality with 2 to 3.2 megapixel Carl Zeiss cameras. 

Ever since I become a fanatic of Nokia cell phones and I never been contented with one until I got the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music; it is the first ever touch-screen Entertainment mobile phone from Nokia with all the necessary applications I need to keep me going. It has 3.2mp camera with TV quality video recording, 8GB expandable memory and Internet Wifi connectivity plus it's the best music phone with outstanding sound speaker quality that the Nokia ever made.

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