Saturday, September 18, 2010

Why I'm here

I'm starting to like this blogger's site. I have now my own page and I can do anything with it. Notice the header i just painted that using an application in my phone called Xpresspaint same application i used to draw the images on the upper right side of my page. I chose red simply because it's my favorite color, it simbolizes my personality, strong, hot and spicy hehe.. This site is like an ultimate status update in facebook but since I'm just starting to build my own blog, I only have one follower who happen to be my friend and the one who influenced me to do so. I'm not into blogging contest like my friend who won many prizes but I'm here to express myself even though I know not everyone could read what i have. For me, blogging is people's way to talk to themselves, you can't start to write a word when your not alone right? and being alone enables you to think wider to imagine beyond anything on earth or in the universe. That is why I think I'm here at this moment, to share my thoughts and inspirations, to experience something new and I just hope that it will lead to inspire people and touch them in my litle way, through this simple page of mine..

Friday, September 17, 2010


The truth is, some call me
Mr.Nice, mysterious in a
way with an explosive
personality. I can easily
get along with different
character and become
their friends (True friend).
Maybe, I'm just too flexible
to deal with people which
i consider one of my
positive sides. They say
that i can do a lot of things
unlike any others or I'm
just uniquely gifted with
different talents. Im not
ordinary. That's their
term. I love singing. It is
my favorite thing to do
and its my way to express
myself to the world. I
made my own version of
different songs com-filed in
an album in my play-list.
That's how frustrated
singer I am haha.. I love
our planet earth, animals
and its natural beauty,
same way I love my family
and friends. And i'll do
everything to protect and
take care of them..

My loving dog Curly tops

It's Christmas and everyone is
happy especially when you spend it
with your family and a family not
only includes your parents and
siblings but "pets" are also part of it.
We all know that dogs are noted for
their loyal or playful characteristics
kept for companionship and
enjoyment so I'd like to tell you
about my pet. His name is Curly Tops. He has
cute, curly white hairs and a very
playful dog but on this day December 25,
2009 five in the morning Curly tops
passed away. He spent his life with
my family for almost 9 years and
unhappily this date is the day to
remember not only the birth of
Christ but also his death. Now gone
but Curly Tops in our heart will
remain forever.

My Lonely Planet

Since its my first blog site I can't think of anything to write but I'm trying to put something on my first post. Hmmm...

I thought of something unusual. Something that reflects my character and something that someone else like me could only understand. It is my lonely world of thoughts, my lonely self, my childhood and my lonely planet. I am a loner, being alone makes me wonder a lot of things. It made me discover myself, my talents and my weaknesses. When I was a child i had no friends. I'm afraid to mingle with other kids and thinking I'm different, I'm unique. I have something they don't have. My own world, where no one is welcome and allowed to enter. Back then, I always try to make friends with other kids but I just ended up being rejected. They would just tease me like there's something wrong with me and I don't know it why do I care? I'm just eight without insecurities, I'm just a kid not minding what others would say with the way I am, how I speak, and how I live my life with inocence. Then I grew up like this a young man alone, in my lonely planet.