Friday, September 17, 2010


The truth is, some call me
Mr.Nice, mysterious in a
way with an explosive
personality. I can easily
get along with different
character and become
their friends (True friend).
Maybe, I'm just too flexible
to deal with people which
i consider one of my
positive sides. They say
that i can do a lot of things
unlike any others or I'm
just uniquely gifted with
different talents. Im not
ordinary. That's their
term. I love singing. It is
my favorite thing to do
and its my way to express
myself to the world. I
made my own version of
different songs com-filed in
an album in my play-list.
That's how frustrated
singer I am haha.. I love
our planet earth, animals
and its natural beauty,
same way I love my family
and friends. And i'll do
everything to protect and
take care of them..

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